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Montag, 22. Februar 2016

Sightseeing in Dresden

Hello, everybody! I promised you to show you some pictures of the historic buildings in Dresden. In my opinion, dresden is the best place to make a princess film. 

The Zwinger of Dresden extends over a large place. In the middle is the garden. I love the little details on every building. Such a work to make this place so beautiful. In summer it will look more amazing!

In Dresden you can visit a lot of exhibitions. We saw the "Münzkabinett" (coins exhibition), the "Neues Grünes Gewölbe" (the new green vault) and the "Türkische Kammer" (the turkish chamber). In my opinion the artworks are too patatially. Too much small gems and gold. A lot of work for such little artworks. I fell in love with the building. The high walls and the red carpet on the stairs and this stone figures with the lanterns. A place where everyone wants to live like a princess. ;)^^ Here is the website of the skd-museums.

At the "Neustadt" you can see this golden rider. 

At saturday there was a demonstration of the AfD. A lot of police cars were in town. At our hotel were a lot of police men, too. They spend the night there. 

At the other side of the river you can see the AfD-Members. There a lot of people and they shouted all the time. For me they are stupid idiots, who hate foreigners, especially the islamic people, and do not know anything about politics. For me they are like the nazis in the second world war. They are frightened about what will happen with Germany when a lot of refugees come to us. In their opinion every refugee is criminal and they will destroy our country. What the hell are they thinking!?! Most of the refugees want only peace and something to eat and somewhere to live. Only a few are stupid idiots who are criminal and bother women. What happened in cologne was frightening, but why we generalize these people!?!

At some places in Dresden you can see this kind of art. 

The big garden is so enourmous large! We only saw a part of it, because our feet were hurting after a while. At the park there a some Restaurants and the zoo. I could not miss the last thing. 

The meerkats and the penguins were so adorable! Loving them. 

At the japanese palais are exhibitions about dinosaurs and birds. 

One of the most famous buildings is the "Frauenkirche". It is so beautiful from inside. If you want to go upstairs to have an amazing view, try it! It was luckily closed when my boyfriend wanted to go upstairs, because I am afraid of hights. At Prague I was really scared to walk upstairs on a tower. It was worth to do this, but at that moment, I was not in the mood to try it. 

At the last day we lend out some bikes with an app and cycled through Dresden. That was the best of all! Fresh wind and a feeling of lightness. The Elbe cycle path is perfect for this. W also cycled to the sport place. Next to it was a concert of ACDC, where my boyfriend once was. At the end of the day I was the first time in a casino (and I don´t like it to waste money for nothing, so never again^^) and we took the train back home. 

Interesting trip, but at the moment I had enough vacation and I am happy to be at home. You know: Home is where the heart is. I have to agree with it!

Have a nice day!

xx Holy

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