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Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015

3 Coats 3 Outfits

You need an outfit for New Years Eve to celebrate a new life section?!? For me some basic things will change next year. For sure I will find a new job, concentrate more on this blog. And last but not least I think I will go some month abroad. America will be the best! Hopefully everything will run as I want. Here are some inspirations for ringing in the New Year:

Leather Bag      Shirt      Necklace       Coat  

Suede Boots      Skirt       Earrings     Leather Bracelet

Shoes      Brass Ring     Bag     Cutout Cuff

Earrings         Cuff

Boots       Bag

xx Holy

*Pictures are from the websites and links are not sponsored.*

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