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Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2015

Craving for velvet

Velvet clothes are very trendy right now. The structure of this material looks not only good, it nestled very pleasant on your own body. Whether bags, shoes, dresses, tops, pants, capes, sunglasses, body suits, blazers, jumpsuits or shorts ... every thing fits this substance. I decided to show you some pieces in the colors blue, green, black and red. Look around, this trend will entrain you too.

 Bomber jacket         Cape        Top

Trousers    High heels     Dress 

Sunglasses       Dress      Blazer 

Bag     Ankle Boots     Trousers

 Jacket    Body 

 Shorts    Boots   Jumpsuit

 Shirt     Loafers    Sweatshirt 

xx Holy

*Pictures are not my own and links are not sponsored*

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