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Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2015

The beauty of Berlin

This post about our lovely capital Berlin I could not hide from you. I don´t know why, but in the past I thought Berlin is a boring city. Fortunately I get retuned in my opinion. My boyfriend and I (we always travel together) spontaneously decided to went 2 days off. Spontaneous trips are the best. =)

Everyone knows this sight: the Brandenburger Tor. It marked the boundary between East and West Berlin. That sight became after 1990 a symbol of the reunification of Germany and Europe. For me it is a very special building, because my family moved to Germany some years after the reunification. Otherwise I would have grown up in the Netherlands. I think my life would have turned in the other way if this important day doesn´t exists.

Visiting Sea Life was one of the things we did in town. I was a little bit disappointed. The reason was that we only saw fish from local rivers or lakes. My wish was to find some special colorful fish.

The Berliner Fernsehturm is a place you have to visit. 

The view at night is amazing. The hike of lights is really breathtaking.

The best part of the SeaLife is the AquaDom you can walk in and go with a lift upstairs. We luckily saw the diver feeding the fish. 

And yes, shopping I couldn´t miss. In this picture I was at the Fossil store. Just a pity that my lightblue leather bracelet isn´t available anymore. 

The Titanic Comfort Hotel is really nice. The breakfast is extensive, too.

If you think about Berlin, you probably think see the Weltzeituhr in your mind. 

One day we ate pizza at the Vapiano. 

At least a cathedral of Berlin.

Have a nice day ;)

xx Holy

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