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Montag, 28. Dezember 2015

New Asos Favorites

I am now back from the trip to the north of the netherlands. It was a very nice time, hanging around with my boyfriends family and having delicious dinners. Now I am really tired, so I go to bed soon. Here is something for the ones who want to shop a little bit. This year I fell in love with sneakers of Lacoste. In the past I didn´t like that label, but now the opposite. Shoes of Senso are really chic, too. Also I have a fable for light blue things and rose at the moment. That are colors I didn´t have in my closet. Everything with marble is amazing, too. In the last months I was looking for a perfect overall, but I don´t know if overalls for your everyday life look good at me. Overalls for working on the farm are normal for me, but this one....maybe. I have to try it!  Enjoy the rest of the day!

Patchwork Boots     Bag     Red Dress 

xx Holy

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