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Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2015

A visit at the zoo in Leipzig

It´s no secret that I love zoos and especially animals. Of course the zoo of Leipzig couldn´t miss on my favorite zoos-list. The Gondwanaland is the best of the whole terrain. I like that tropical flair. Sometimes it is a little bit hot, but that´s important for the animals. So if you live in Germany, visite the zoo in Leipzig. It is worth it. 

I found Mr. Nielson ;)

My boyfriend loves the elefants. We both are crazy I know (laugh). 

A tiger hidden in the background.

A lot of pelicans sitting on that little island. 

Oh my cuties! My favorite animals are meerkats. Always one is sitting on that hill.

This monkey made a pose. Funny guy.

This fish reminds me of an alien. 

Happy tuesday!

xx Holy

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