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Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2015

7 things

Hey guys! The last days I was not online because I spend a lot of time with my family and my boyfriend. We don´t see each other often, that´s why it is very important for me to take time for them. Christmas time is coming and the ones who love that time are busy with decorating the house and in any case with the christmas tree. The last years we only had a christmas tree outside with some lights on it. We let the tree stand until Easter and decorated it with colorful easter eggs and a rabbit on the top. That´s crazy, but we won´t wanted to throw as soon that tree away. This year we spontaneously decided to buy a tree for inside our living room. We had fun with embellishing it with lametta, christmas balls and snow spray. We hope it lasts until Christmas Eve....

Our sweet christmas tree in our living room. 

Amaryllis plants I got from my mother for my birthday. 

A christmas calendar for my boyfriend. 

An attempt to produce poinsettias with snow spray.

A drum as a gift for my brother for playing african rhythms.

Funny aprons for cooking and baking:  the sixpack (Similar) and the police agent.

A visit at the christmas market in Leipzig. The atmosphere is indescribable.

Hope you enjoy your december days. Christmas is only one time per year.

xx Holy

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